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Close to the Kazanlak were found ruins of ancient town, roman baths, balneology equipment, christian churches and many more which is prove that the Kazanlak was famous in the ancient times. In our days are restored many historical and archeological attractions. There are many Thracian tombs left and also Roman empire roads. On the west […]

The Tomb of Seuthes III

The Tomb of Seuthes III is grave of King Seuthes lll, located near Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Seuthes III was the King of the Odrysian Kingdom of Thrace from c. 331 to c. 300 BC. The tomb has an impressive façade, an unusual 13-meter long entry corridor and three consecutive spacious rooms. The first room is rectangular […]

Shushmanets Mound

The Thracian tomb at Shushmanets Mound is a masterpiece of Thracian architecture. It was built as a temple in the 4th century BC and later used as a tomb. The temple has a long and wide entry corridor and an antechamber, a semi-cylindrical room supported by an elegant column. The top of this column has […]